Thursday, 17 November 2005


I came across Who Should You Vote For? and tried their Conservative Leadership quiz... well obviously I came up for Cameron:

Your expected outcome: Cameron

Your actual outcome:

Davis -6

Cameron 6

You should support: David Cameron

Well fair enough I suppose... but with questions like:

The Conservative leader should never have taken illegal drugs...


The Convervative leader should have military experience...

...I can't help[ but feel the objectivity and the point of the quiz was totally defeated. Any idiot (like me) can go on there a blatantly answer the questions in manner which guarantees you will end up with your preffered candidate. They either haven't put any effort into researching either candidate very well or don't care about trying to do something useful with the quiz.

Any person who has a vote for the contest (ie party members) will know most of the answers for their candidate of choice - what I expected was some sort of revelation.... maybe I expect too much.

Wednesday, 9 November 2005 a very long time!

Well I've seen it all now!

Fraud at the Times (Alledgedly)

Having read the front page of the Times at Lunch I did think the poll rather odd - to suggest that Davis had achieved such a marked swing over Cameron in such a short space of time...

Then reading Guido and then this evening I couldn't believe that the Times was trying to swing a major headline on the intention of 122 people! And they were only Tory voters not members.

Is it only me who feels this to be a little fraudulent or at the least a little economic with the truth?

Blair loses it!

Let's hope this is beginning of the end. When the Labour Party finally woke up and defied Blair.

It's good to see parliamentary democracy is alive and well in this country - well it might have a cold most of the time but it moves when it counts.

90 days is a quarter of a year... and potentially with no charge!

Surely if one is that much of threat to the state there will evidence to provoke this thought in the first place? Otherwise it might run as follows: "We think you are guilty and we're going to bang you up until we find the evidence."

Sounds more like China than the UK.

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

A week in politics....

Wow! Travel has stopped me from posting this week but what a week it's been.

South of the border:

How is Blair going to push through the 90 day legislation? He normally manages it but here's hoping not this time . And think of the serious ramifications it could have at this stage of his premiership. Now there's a thought!

North of the border:

Good riddance to Monteith - complaining that everyone else was up to their necks in it to. Of course he's just whining as he got caught.

Now that we have a proper and good Scottish Chairman (with a backbone) the proper action has been taken. Monteith needs to be booted out the party - such insubordination can not be tolerated in such a small group.

Good Luck to Annabel Goldie: read her funny and quite apt cowboys and indians parallel here.

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

All quiet on the western front...

I'm in blog lite mode at the moment - coursework is killing and free time in the evenings is non-existent too. Such is the hard life of a student...

In other news... McLetchie's gone at last, as reported first here, then 2 1/2 hours later here. God bless the BBC. Probably not before time. Nice chap but had lost impetus - who will lead I cannot think, hopefully not Montieth. The last thing the (Scottish) Tory party needs is another folliclly challenged leader!

For a thoroughly confusing time, why not David Davidson for Leader?