Monday, 6 February 2006

Further more...

I suppose what I'm rallying against in the previous post is not Islam in particular as a a religion but a group of fanatics who as a minority are trying to prevail upon us alien restrictions and limit freedoms that we have fought long and hard for - since the time of Magna Carta.

Why is it alright for me to be able to criticise one religion in the strongest terms possible and not another?

I personally believe that it is ungodly, unChristian & downright evil for the Roman Catholic Church to preach in Africa that condoms are evil and chastity is the way forward. This is a policy that has and will condemn millions upon millions to long and painful deaths. Personally I believe Pope John Paul II has gone to hell for it. Would a caring loving God really condemn so many of his children to death if he could save them?
There! You see... I bet Catholics aren't terribly fond of me now.

But I also want to ask, why do so many suicide bombers incite the name of Mohammed as they prepare to blow themselves up? Why is it that Islamic organisations are so prevalent in these tragedies and not other national or tribal groups? Last time I checked we didn't invade Islam.

So why the feeling of such intense hatred - why do the religious leaders of Islam feel sothreatened by Liberal Democracies if all is as rosie as they claim?

These are hard questions that require hard answers and must be answered in order to resolve many of the current problems.

Disgusting & Downright UnBritish

Protests by a small fraction of Islamic extremists is disgusting and displays a breathtaking level of stupidity, ignorance and intolerance.

Little do they realise this great country which belongs to us all is exactly why they can just about get away with such outrageous behavior and yet they are protesting against the same system allowing criticisms against their personal beliefs!

Thank goodness we live in a democratic society so we too can protest at this unreasonable reaction...

Oh, right of course, we can't though!

Freedom of speech and criticism of religion or any other organisation which wishes to rule our lives is a permanent feature of our society.

If followers of Islam are too weak to come up with reasoned responses or their faith is lacking, may I suggest they move to any one of many very welcoming and hospitable countries in the middle eastern penisula?

Photos: BBC News, Daily Telegraph