Wednesday, 10 May 2006

west wing - wow!

OK, I know I'm probably the only one who is getting excited and slightly emotional but it's here.....

Series 7 box set. Which means it's arriving but it's departing (after 7 years).

I know I have a problem with box sets (buy, buy, buy!!!) but this one is a mixed feeling.

A great series having seen better days ending. Not that its that bad - if you haven't seen any yet you should. The writing is very sharp, especially in the first four series.

Pre-order now!

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

the Times, they are a changin'

What does today's much talked about Times poll really mean?

No nice graphs as per the normal Populus/Times usual, but ConservativeHome just about fills the void.

Given the last month has included the following:

  • Cash for Peerages
  • Charles Clarke's releasing of the criminal foreign masses
  • NHS finanial mismanagement (and the Labour Party being booed by a nursing union!!!)
  • John "Two Shags" (more than two, 'alledgedly') Prescott
and that's really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Labour sleaze, how is the dip in support for Labour not a lot more?

Cameron's not done a bad job so far (certainly more Prime Ministerial than the last three) but I can't help feeling he'll never succeed until the public falls out of love with Nu Labour.

Surely professional incompetence (as 3 of the 4 above are) is so much worse than personal indiscretions. And yet such gross incompetence of the worst kind doesn't deliver the killer blow...

I can't even begin to explain why they are still so popular - it genuinely mystifies me.

But in saying that having just seen the advance copy of tomorrow's DT (ITV News) it would seem Blair's downfall is beginning - at last but I won't hold my breath. personal music preferences

I first heard about about 2 months ago but had been slow to check it out.

It watches what music you listen to and makes suggestions from:

  • music that is similar by genre, etc.
  • other peoples' prefences whose are similar to your own
It has a radio player "thing" that also lets you rate songs and seems to be a free to air playlist.

Combining all this, it then lists what you listened to last, most, etc. Overall quite a lot of cool things going on behind the scenes with this. Check it out:

Return to the fold...

Hmmm, well, yes.

It's been a while....

During my auspicious period of silence I have managed to submit my 25,000 (80 pages!) dissertation and find gainful employment for when, or at this rate if, I graduate - more on striking lecturers later.

You know what they say about a day being a long time....